Sunday, April 23, 2017

Priorities with a toddler

Renée and her daddy are enjoying themselves in music appreciation class for toddlers at Medley Music school right now while I get 1 hour to sit in Toast Box with a cup of Teh and have some time to attempt to write a blog, which I'd thought about doing for the past 6 months but never actually sat down to do it.

Renée and I before class started, it feels good to be early!

Daddy & Renée getting ready for class. But first, let's see how it feels to sit with the big shiny piano.

You see, when you have a toddler, you THINK about doing a lot of things but you don't actually get to DO IT if it's not high on your list of priorities. I have a "priorities list" in my head and it seems like the day we had Renée, everything else that doesn't have to do with our baby girl got bumped down the list a lot.

Blogging came way, way down on that list but I've always wanted to do it so that one day, when the memories get a little fuzzy, we have this to look back on, read it with our baby girl and laugh at some memories, cry a little if things were really tough and just embrace life in that snapshot in time. So I've decided to make a bit more effort to write SHORT (keyword being short) blogs, control the urge to add a million photos to each post (since it takes ALOT of time to choose the "perfect" photo (READ: PHOTOSSSS) out of the zillion photos I take of Renee), have the perfect alignment and super lengthy posts that I end up having to re-read 20 times before trimming it down.

So let's hope this time around, we will get to blog more often and since Renée has a lot to say and do right now, I would have more material to work with, the blog would pretty much write itself! Time to sign off today but we'd be back soon :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Enjoying Renée: Week 1

Time has passed us by so quickly since the moment my water bag broke & we went into the hospital to deliver Renée on 27 September 2015, Sunday at 7:30am.

There has been so many new experiences & memories that have taken place and we wanted to remember as much of them as possible so we could share them with Renée when she grows up. So I have decided to blog about it and share snippets of each day here week by week. Kenneth had also blogged about his experience and you can read it here.

Day 3 - 29 Sep 2015, Tuesday

Today is our book out day, book out, book out!

Ken worked super hard (and all on his own) to pack everything as we await the discharge notice from our gynaecologist & baby's paedetrician. All I had to do was bathe, change up, eat my food, sit and relax, I've got a great husband!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Renée Diary: Week 1 - Hell Week

"So what is it like being a father?"

That's my number one most popular interview question. The most accurate scenario that I could relate to was during my officer training days (OCS) in army. The first few days of having a child is like living your life in constant outfield. While out in the field in army, you constantly have something to do, you have to dig and set up the command post, dig your trench, do guard duty, set up the signals, prepare the rations, plan for the mission, brief the men ... etc. When having a kid, it's almost the same, we are busy feeding, changing diapers and then if she poops immediately after, change it again, prepare salt and medical bath for the mum, prepare and bathe the kid, eat our own food (and many other infinite things to do) and by that time, the whole cycle starts again. With all these going on 24hrs a day, you lose track of days and time. The only milestone that guides our life is, "When's the next feeding time?" and we just work our life around that and try to get some snooze time where possible. Although our lives (and house) have been turned upside down, it brings us so much joy to see her innocent and beautiful face as she sleeps soundly knowing that her daddy and mummy will love and protect her every single moment she's alive.

It's just so soothing and therapeutic watching her sleep soundly, sometimes smiling in her sleep. I really wonder what do they think or dream about, land of milk and honey? Or her chasing squirrels around the garden? I also find it entertaining to see her burp after her food. She just looks so cute, like a bubble bouncing intermittently with her bobble head wobbling away. But when she starts fussing or crying, all hell breaks loose! That's also the queue to the dogs in my neighbourhood to start barking, which is quite hilarious too. She just needs to make her presence known in the neighbourhood that there's a new kid on the block.

Renée (

Monday, September 7, 2015

Grow Baby Grow!

Having a child grow inside me is something I've dreamt about for a very long time and now that I'm finally pregnant, I'm VERY happy and trying my best to live with the accompanying symptoms of being with child.
Here's how I felt about my symptoms

Here were some of the symptoms I had at some point during the first trimester of pregnancy:

Morning (ALL DAY!) sickness
Constipation (HELPPPPP!!)
Bloatedness & Heartburn
Tender swollen breasts
Frequent Urination
Worsened skin condition
Random emotional roller coaster rides

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Make a guess!

#babylim processing in progress...

Baby Lim at Week 32! Can you see baby's face?

To see more of Baby Lim's Ultrasound scans, click here.

Tell us whether you think #babylim is a boy or a girl? Let us know in the poll below. The results will be released in October. ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Boy or Girl?

Baby Lim @ Week 19

Some of the most common questions we have had the last few months have been:

"When are you due?"
"Is it a boy or a girl?"
"Would you like to have a boy or a girl?"
"Did you have morning sickness?"
"How did you find out you were pregnant?"
"Was it a swiss-made baby?" (This came when we told them we got pregnant in early Jan, when we were on our Switzerland trip)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy birthday to me

"Dear, what would you like to do on your birthday?", my wife asked.

Our birthday celebrations are becoming more spontaneous like our traveling style. We tend to take it as it comes and go with the flow. It's not really what you're doing or where you're going, but who you're with that matters. You can be doing the most boring thing on earth, yet having the most awesome time with the one you love.

Kranji War Memorial

"How about visiting the Kranji War Memorial?", I replied after some thought.