Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Miracle Rice

I've been sick with nausea and cramps the last week and when I took a pregnancy test exactly 1 week ago, I found out we were pregnant! Well, because we didn't want to get our hopes up only to be disappointed, we decided to be really sure - So 4 positive pregnancy tests later, we went to see our gynaecologist, Dr. Fong Yang today.

I know, this is a little over the top but we had to confirm, double, triple & quadruple confirm!

One of the biggest question we had was - when was this miracle child conceived? After going through all the dates with Dr. Fong, he said "Let's do the scan." I told myself not to get my hopes too high on seeing the baby through the ultrasound today as we didn't know how far along I am.

Dr. Fong: "Can you see this very dark, black spot?"
Me: "Yes."
Dr. Fong: "Do you see that white spot? Like it's flickering?"
Me: "Yes."
Dr. Fong: "That's your baby and its heart that's beating."
Us: "Wow.... That's amazing!"
Dr. Fong: "It is 2.42mm. Just about the size of a rice."
Ken: "How can something so small already have a heart??!?"
Me thinking: Our miracle is looking good on the screen!

Then Dr. Fong made some changes to the settings and we heard something... The heartbeat!

At that very moment, my heart was lost to this 6 week old rice with a strong heart beating - thup thup.. thup thup.. thup thup... thup thup.... I could listen to this all day and stay amazed.

Our little miracle rice. Ultrasound @ 6 weeks

"Congratulations!" Dr. Fong told us and we were just over the moon. We sat back at the desks and got to the important dates:
- How far along: 6 weeks pregnant
- End of 1st Trimester: 1 April would be the date we can share the good news (Dr. Fong said people might think it's an April Fool's joke! ;p)
- Due date: 11 Oct 2015

There is no guarantee how this pregnancy will go and we know that's the reality of it all. From when I had first found out I was pregnant up till today, I struggled a lot internally to be expectant of good news but yet to have a strong heart should I lose the child for whatever reason. Every night I had such bad cramps I felt like fainting, I would lay there and pray to God a very simple prayer:

"God, you are a sovereign God. You give and You take away. Give me the strength to go through this period and a strong heart to accept that in Your timing, You will make all things beautiful. No matter what happens, all I ask for is Your presence as I go through this time. Please let me feel You & I trust in Your plan in our lives. If it is in Your will for us to have this child now, nothing can take it away. But if it's not, help my heart to be strong to accept that and to keep my faith in You, that You know the thoughts that You think towards me, thoughts of GOOD and not of EVIL, to give me a FUTURE and a HOPE."

Now that we've first heard that heart beat, we've seen the miracle by God and this will still be our prayer every single day. It is our hearts' greatest desire to have GODLY, HEALTHY, HAPPY & BEAUTIFUL children. But not by doing things on our own, we want to trust in God's sovereign timing. Like Mary prayed when the Angel came to her about Jesus - "Let it be done to me according to Your will."

Whatever happens, God is still good! So while we look forward to a great pregnancy and making a decision to trust in God no matter what happens, we decided to pen down our journey. Today we took the first photo of me and my soon to be expanding tummy :)

Bumpie taken @ 6 weeks


  1. Congratulations, Steph and Kenneth! So so happy for you guys. :-) Subscribed to your lovely blog and can't wait for the updates

    1. Thanks Rachelle! We are very excited about this child & can't wait to share more about our journey here. Thanks for being so encouraging :)