Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Godly, Healthy, Happy & Beautiful Baby

Pregnancy Week 15

15 weeks into the pregnancy, I am starting to get my appetite back and have been able to eat more, with the occasional vomiting bout after certain meals. That is definitely a step up from the morning (all day) sickness I had previously!

Being a first time mum (& dad for Ken), we have a lot to learn & read up on to understand what we are & will be going through during the rest of the pregnancy. Thankfully we've had quite a lot of support & friends who are open to share their experience with us.

Kenneth practising on our cute niece, Ashley.

As the weeks go by, there seem to be more and more things we haven't thought about, know about or are prepared for and there were days where I was just wondering if we'd ever get everything ready in time for when the baby comes. It seems to be the norm to be worrying & second-guessing a lot of things and decisions we have made. Most couples, whether it's their first child or third child, go through the same worries & doubts.

The truth is, embarking on this pregnancy journey showed me that there are a million and one things to always worry about and it will never end. So I had to make a decision that if I wanted to stay sane, I needed to put my trust in God & let go. Many things we go through, problems we encounter, pains & cramps I may get suddenly brings fear into my life and it can get too draining over time. "What ifs" became one of the most common question I have & I never get a satisfactory answer that would a lay all my fears.

So 2 weeks ago, I made a decision, here on, I will put my trust in God. That no matter what happens, I know that God is in control and He will take care of Kenneth & I, our baby and our future.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."
- Jeremiah 29:11

Since then, I've been less uptight, happier & was able to sleep better. Everyday I wake up, it's a constant internal struggle to spend the day worrying -
"Is the baby doing ok? Did I do or eat anything that would harm the baby? Will we have enough money to give the baby the best? Where will we stay when the baby is born?" (Unending questions on loop.......) 
- but it gets a little easier to let go and let God each day!

Our prayers have always been to have a
Godly, Healthy, Happy & Beautiful baby
so we would lay hands & confess that daily. We had read that the baby can hear our voices now, so we make it a point to speak positively & read the bible to baby every single day.

Kenneth has been asking me to blog about our journey going forward & I thought it was a great & fun idea! We wanted to share & encourage other couples who may go through the same worries & struggle as us, but most importantly, we want to remember the times we have gone through together, as a couple now & as a family in time to come.

To end off today's post, I would like to just write a short letter to our baby and share our baby's heartbeat, a sound that reminds us that a miracle lives inside me :)

Baby Lim's heartbeat @ 15 weeks

Letter to our lil miracle:

"Hello baby, Mummy & Daddy went to see you at Dr. Fong's clinic today & we saw you moving & doing air cycling inside mummy's womb! We have been looking forward to see you & hear your heartbeat ago since we last heard it 4 weeks ago. Dr. Fong said you looked really good, heartbeat was strong & you were so active. We were overjoyed to hear that :)

You were about 8-9cm when Dr. Fong took a rough measurement - about the size of an apple this week! Mummy took a bumpie to show you when you grow up. This was how you looked inside mummy's tummy & outside.

Inside: Hey beautiful. (Ultrasound @ 15 weeks)

Outside: Growing tummy to make more space for you.
Daddy says it's like a bungalow for you.

Mummy is trying to rest more & eat well to ensure you get all that you need inside to grow healthily & strong. We will be seeing you again in 4 weeks & we are already counting down the days before we can hear your heartbeat again. Mummy & Daddy loves you very much!"

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