Monday, May 18, 2015

Being a pregnant dad

When we first discovered the pregnancy through the home test kit, we were obviously super excited but still a little skeptical considering the accuracy of the test as well as Steph's condition (she will blog more about that). So we decided to visit our gynaecologist to get a confirmation about the pregnancy.

At the clinic, there were good news and bad news. The good news was, "Steph's pregnant!". The bad news was the nightmare for every father, "She's not allowed to do any housework."

Yea that's probably the face I gave to our gynaecologist. 

"She needs to be at home resting. She should avoid walking, carrying things and standing for long periods. And of course no housework."

And I could hear a silent scream going in my head, "NOOOoooOOOoooo.....".

In that split second, I started to have more questions, 
"Is she excused only heavy duties or all duties?"
"Can she do light duties?"
"When is the excuse till?"

It has been tough for my dear wife as she has been puking after almost every meal during the first trimester, having back aches, headaches, dizzy spells and needs to be on medication.

Being a pregnant dad is not easy too. My housework duty has increased exponentially, from nothing to everything (yes how unfortunate right?) and then I need to massage my wife, ferry her every where, run all errands, including those around the house. 

While sitting from the comfort of her throne, 
"Dear, can you please get the water for me?"
"Dear, I forgot to bring down my phone, can you go up and get it for me?"
"Dear, actually I need the iPad. It's upstairs"
"Oh ya dear, can you go up again and help me get the medication? Pretty please..."
"Dear can you boil some hot water for me?"

And recently I've been having synchronised back aches and headaches with Steph. It almost seems like the pregnancy is affecting my body, or maybe it's just me starting to doing housework.

Maybe that's why people use the term, "We are pregnant!". Pregnancy is not just used to describe the mom, but the burden, responsibility and also the creation of a couple. It's not just Steph who's pregnant, but the both of us.

I can't imaging myself being physically pregnant and squeezing a baby out of my... ok let's not go there. Or letting someone saw open my body and pull out a living thing from within me while being totally awake. I would probably run out of the operating theatre before the doctor arrives with his chain saw. So I would gladly be the diligent domestic helper/chauffeur/cook/ATM machine/massage therapist.

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