Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How we found out I was pregnant

When we shared the news that Ken & I are expecting, friends & family members were curious to know how we found out I was pregnant. So we thought we could write this down to share our experience here.

Here's a very short background prior to us discovering I was pregnant:
In Oct 2014, I had missed my period and like all couples who are actively trying for a child, I tested to see if I was pregnant and the results came back negative. Over the next 2 months, I had still not had my period & all pregnancy tests came back negative. So we saw a fertility specialist and got some medication (Duphaston) mid-Jan to induce my mensus so we could proceed to take some pills for the ovulation.

I was told that upon taking Duphaston, my period should come sometime after 2-3 weeks, so we monitored and waited. Meanwhile, I started experiencing cramps on the 3rd and 4th week after taking the medication as well as light spotting.  With the cramp getting worsening, I got worried and decided to call up the gynaecologist & asked if that was a normal reaction to the medication and was told that it should be something else that is causing the cramps. The nurse told me to wait a few more days to see if my period came.

Well, it didn't. I was scheduled to go to Kuwait on 15 Feb 2015 so I packed my bags & got ready to leave for 5 days and prayed that my period would come & the cramps go away. When I arrived at the airport, I had some time to spare before I had to board the plane. As I walked past Watsons in the departure area, I thought I should just buy some pregnancy test kits (since it's duty free & cheaper!) so that I can use them for the next pregnancy test.

Once the flight took off, the cramps worsened & I was feeling so miserable. I got pretty worried & afraid that something might be really wrong. I thought to myself that this isn't normal & I don't think it's just regular menstrual cramps. But all I could do at that time was lay hands on my womb, I started praying and confessing the Word of God for healing & protection. We had about 10 mins to get ready once we arrived at the hotel before we had to zoom off for a meeting, and since I was washing up, I thought to myself "Since I'd bought the pregnancy test kit, why not just test and see if it's positive? Maybe that's why I've been having all those cramps."

After using the pregnancy test, I left it on the counter & continued with the rest of my preparations to freshen up. When I walked back into the hotel bathroom, I saw 2 lines on the pregnancy kit (PREGNANT!!) and my heart started pounding real fast! Could it be?

Pregnancy test (kennethstephanie.com)
First positive pregnancy test at the hotel

I decided to take a second pregnancy test to be sure, and when it came back with 2 bold lines and I was jumping for joy around the hotel room. I was overjoyed but was also worried because it didn't seem normal that I was having such bad cramps. The next 3 days, I had constant cramps throughout the day. Sometimes it got so bad, I would be woken up in the middle of the night, I wasn't able to stand, couldn't walk or even lie down comfortably.

Being so far away from home & Kenneth, I was really scared & helpless and was counting down the hours before I could get back to Singapore. Kenneth kept talking to me & we continued to pray for peace & protection over the next few days. The husband quickly helped me call up our regular doctor & gynaecologist to make appointments for when I get back as well as ask what medication I could take to ease the pain. Thank God for a wonderful husband who really comforted me with his support & words of encouragement throughout.

Finally, I got back home and to the comfort of Ken's arms. Yay to having a caring husband who tended to me while I continued in discomfort with horrible cramps the next few days, as there were no slots for us to see our gynaecologist until 5 days later.

Stephanie (kennethstephanie.com)
I was looking tired all the time even when I gave my biggest (sometimes forced) smile.

On 15 February 2015, when we went to see Dr. Fong, he confirmed that I was pregnant, 6 weeks 0 days to be exact. We got to see the baby as well as hear the baby's heartbeat during the ultrasound! We had shared more about the first gynaecologist visit in a separate post here.

Bumpie (kennethstephanie.com)
Bumpie @ 7 weeks

Chinese new year 2015 (kennethstephanie.com)
It was a challenge to entertain & look lively throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations but we did it! (I couldn't officially announce the pregnancy yet)

To us, it was a miracle that the baby was protected & safe when I had to delay seeking treatment when I had such terrible cramps. We found out from Dr. Fong that the cramps were due to the fact that I had very low progesterone levels & that usually meant that the pregnancy was in danger of not working out. I was also worried that taking Duphaston might harm the pregnancy but found out that it so happened to be used to support unstable early pregnancy due to low progesterone levels (What a coincidence - or rather, God-incidence)! When we heard that, we know the only reason the baby made it was because of  God's hands of protection over us those days I was overseas.

The discovery of our pregnancy was quite an exciting (& scary at times) adventure and this is just the beginning of many more experiences I would be going through for the first time. Life is never gonna be dull for sure!

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