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Renée Diary: Week 1 - Hell Week

"So what is it like being a father?"

That's my number one most popular interview question. The most accurate scenario that I could relate to was during my officer training days (OCS) in army. The first few days of having a child is like living your life in constant outfield. While out in the field in army, you constantly have something to do, you have to dig and set up the command post, dig your trench, do guard duty, set up the signals, prepare the rations, plan for the mission, brief the men ... etc. When having a kid, it's almost the same, we are busy feeding, changing diapers and then if she poops immediately after, change it again, prepare salt and medical bath for the mum, prepare and bathe the kid, eat our own food (and many other infinite things to do) and by that time, the whole cycle starts again. With all these going on 24hrs a day, you lose track of days and time. The only milestone that guides our life is, "When's the next feeding time?" and we just work our life around that and try to get some snooze time where possible. Although our lives (and house) have been turned upside down, it brings us so much joy to see her innocent and beautiful face as she sleeps soundly knowing that her daddy and mummy will love and protect her every single moment she's alive.

It's just so soothing and therapeutic watching her sleep soundly, sometimes smiling in her sleep. I really wonder what do they think or dream about, land of milk and honey? Or her chasing squirrels around the garden? I also find it entertaining to see her burp after her food. She just looks so cute, like a bubble bouncing intermittently with her bobble head wobbling away. But when she starts fussing or crying, all hell breaks loose! That's also the queue to the dogs in my neighbourhood to start barking, which is quite hilarious too. She just needs to make her presence known in the neighbourhood that there's a new kid on the block.

Renée (

I think it was a good decision that we chose to deliver in Mount Elizabeth Novena as they had great rooms and service, thus giving us good rest (whatever little of it we had) and all support and service we needed during that life-changing transitional period of our lives. The nurses were extremely friendly and helpful. The Lactation Consultant (LC), Eileen, gave us valuable guidance and tips on breastfeeding and she made a number of visit to monitor our progress through the course of our stay. The customer service staff also came by see how was our stay in general. I feedbacked to her that I couldn't register Renée's birth on our 2nd day there in the morning and then she manage to help us to get a slot for registration later in the same day. It was really good that we managed to get her registered as we could then collect the SG50 Singapore Golden Jubilee Baby Gift upon registration. The sling came in real handy as it allowed us to carry Renée around safely, especially up and down the stairs. The diaper bag would also prove to be useful, but we started using the one that Mount Elizabeth gave first. We also got a SG50 Smiley Gift Bag from POSB, of which one of the item was a POSB custom-made remote controlled selfie stick. Not that we needed it, but it was quite impressive. I think Renée is really blessed to be born this year with so many goodies for her. And not forgetting all the gifts from all the uncles and aunties (in Singapore, everyone older than you is an uncle/auntie) who love and pamper her so much! Thanks everyone! Your gifts, love and well wishes are very much appreciated by us!

Gifts (
(Gifts from family and friends during the first 3 days of Renée's arrival. THANK YOU GUYS!)

POSB SG50 Smiley Gift (

SG50 Singapore Golden Jubilee Baby Gift (

SG50 Singapore Golden Jubilee Baby Gift (

We actually went for a few hospital maternity tours (Yes! Hospitals do organise tours for you to visit their maternity rooms and facilities!) before deciding on Mount Elizabeth Novena. That helped us compare the various hospitals and allow us to make a more informed choice. I recommend that you do that too. Another thing that I would strongly recommend you to do prior to delivery would be to attend antenatal classes. Those classes would prepare you mentally and emotional for one of the biggest and most exciting moment and phase of your life.

"So what happened on the day of delivery?"

I've probably recounted this story more times than my fingers could count and some of my friends suggested I play an introductory video outside the hospital room so that visiting guest could watch it prior to visiting us. That's quite a long story and I shall leave that for another post.

And so, we have survived the 1st week of having a baby! More exciting days ahead! Will update more again, if Renée gives us time to blog. :p

Renée (

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