Sunday, April 23, 2017

Priorities with a toddler

Renée and her daddy are enjoying themselves in music appreciation class for toddlers at Medley Music school right now while I get 1 hour to sit in Toast Box with a cup of Teh and have some time to attempt to write a blog, which I'd thought about doing for the past 6 months but never actually sat down to do it.

Renée and I before class started, it feels good to be early!

Daddy & Renée getting ready for class. But first, let's see how it feels to sit with the big shiny piano.

You see, when you have a toddler, you THINK about doing a lot of things but you don't actually get to DO IT if it's not high on your list of priorities. I have a "priorities list" in my head and it seems like the day we had Renée, everything else that doesn't have to do with our baby girl got bumped down the list a lot.

Blogging came way, way down on that list but I've always wanted to do it so that one day, when the memories get a little fuzzy, we have this to look back on, read it with our baby girl and laugh at some memories, cry a little if things were really tough and just embrace life in that snapshot in time. So I've decided to make a bit more effort to write SHORT (keyword being short) blogs, control the urge to add a million photos to each post (since it takes ALOT of time to choose the "perfect" photo (READ: PHOTOSSSS) out of the zillion photos I take of Renee), have the perfect alignment and super lengthy posts that I end up having to re-read 20 times before trimming it down.

So let's hope this time around, we will get to blog more often and since Renée has a lot to say and do right now, I would have more material to work with, the blog would pretty much write itself! Time to sign off today but we'd be back soon :)

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